Man United still have two difficulties, according to Roy Keane, after Cristiano Ronaldo’s sale.


Man United still have two difficulties, according to Roy Keane, after Cristiano Ronaldo’s sale.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s re-signing at Manchester United is nearing completion.

Cristiano Ronaldo, according to Manchester United icon Roy Keane, will not cure all of the problems at Old Trafford. After agreeing to a two-year contract with United on Friday, Ronaldo is likely to return. The 36-year-old will cost Manchester United up to £20 million.

Adidas and Manchester United have unveiled their official 2021/22 home jersey, which features a modern take on the club’s traditional designs.

During the early stages of Ronaldo’s first spell at the club, Keane played alongside him.

He is confident that the Portugal superstar’s comeback would be a success.

However, according to the Sky Sports expert, United still has two significant concerns to address in midfield and goalkeeping.

“He’ll bring a winning mindset to the locker room,” Keane remarked. He’s a fitness nut, as we all know.

“Obviously, his game has evolved over the last several years, and as I’ve already stated, I believe he is one of the most brilliant players I’ve ever witnessed.

“I think he’s a winner because of the way he’s altered his game.

“Make no mistake about it, he’s returning to Man United to win things.

“However, Man United’s midfield and goalkeeping issues remain the same, both with and without Ronaldo. But I think it’s fantastic for Ronaldo.”

This summer, United added Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane to their attacking and defensive ranks, respectively.

However, Keane is adamant that more needs to be done.

Ronaldo will not be enough, according to the former Republic of Ireland player, to lead his old club to their first Premier League title since 2013.

“The guy is selfish and greedy,” he continued. We obviously compared him to [Lionel] Messi.

“These people are born winners,” says the narrator. They refuse to unwind.

“I see a lot of positives, but in the broader picture, I still don’t think Man United is going to win the league title all of a sudden.”

Meanwhile, United fans should expect a different type of player than when Ronaldo was last at the club, according to Gary Neville.

“He’s not the player he used to be, he was a dynamic, running player at Old Trafford 12 years ago,” Neville remarked.

“He’s going to be a boxer now.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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