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Madusa brands WWE ‘sexist’ for having half-naked women dancing on stage during RAW Underground

MADUSA has slammed the WWE for having half-naked women “sexually” dancing on stage during RAW Underground.

The WWE Hall of Famer, 56, went on to question why “men in Speedos” were not used instead.

Three women dressed in skimpy outfits were filmed dancing while Ivar faced Erik in the ring.

Madusa, known commonly as Alundra Blayze, claimed the WWE did not encourage equality for women.

Speaking to her Twitters followers, she said: “SO? We are bringing back half naked women in the same breath of promoting the evolution and equality of women?

“Yes this is entertaining, yes this is a skit, yes this is act, yes these are wrestlers.

“Why resort to women sexually dancing opening a show? Why not men in speedos?”

Former WWE producer and wrestling veteran Lance Storm appeared to be in agreement with Blayze.

He replied: “I agree with your point completely.

“I will pop huge tonight though if they do a Women’s Underground and have three Chip and Dale type dancers.

“If you’re going to do eye candy at least do it for everyone. #equality.”

Blayze replied: “Lmao… I mean come on that’s all I’m saying.

The ladies might love @Ivar_WWE, but @Erik_WWE loves #RawUnderground!#WWERaw


“As women we are over here bored to death. You are the best.”

Madusa, real name Debra Ann Miceli, is now working on-air with AEW.

She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2015 after making her breakthrough in the 1980s.

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