‘Lump on if you want’: a post from Kieran Trippier to a friend before moving to Atlético


A friend made 10 different bets on the move coming to fruition. FA commission findings that led to a 10-week ban revealed

According to the Football Association’s independent regulatory commission, Kieran Trippier told a friend to “bet if you want” days before his move from Tottenham to Atlético Madrid was reported. For violating betting laws, the England defender was suspended for ten weeks and fined £ 70,000 in December. However, pending an appeal to Fifa, the fine was suspended. Kieran Trippier’s case and why certain betting markets should not be allowed | Barry GlendenningContinueReadingIn the written reasons for the FA decision, it was revealed that Trippier told his friends via a series of WhatsApp messages about his summer 2019 move. Trippier’s argument that the communications were “banter” was dismissed by the commission and he was found guilty on four of the seven charges. For analysis, Trippier allowed the FA to take possession of his cell phone.

In mid-July 2019, Trippier’s friend Oliver Hawley was discovered to have made ten different bets ranging from £ 20 to £ 65 on the full-back transfer to Atlético.

Hawley sent Trippier a message that read, “6/1 Athletico (sic) Madrid,” after making a bet, to which Trippier replied with three laughing emojis. Shortly before Hawley made two more bets on a transfer to the Spanish team, Trippier texted Hawley on July 12, “It’s happening,” Another friend, Matthew Brady, met Trippier at a game park on July 14 and later wrote, “Want me to bet on you going there?” Trippier later responded, “Lump on if you want mate.” Hawley and two other friends made additional bets ranging from 20 to 300 pounds as the move neared completion. When Trippier sent a message to a group of friends from WhatsApp saying, “Done deal,” he got a text from Brady saying, “I could only bet a bit, they’ve massively reduced the bet, keep me posted mate,” to which the player replied, “No worries mate.” On July 17, the £ 25m move was confirmed. The commission reported that it found evidence in favor of Trippier from, among others, England manager Gareth Southgate and Captain Harry Kane, as well as his former Burnley manager, Sean Dyche. The good disciplinary conduct of Trippier, his personality and the regret he displayed were also factors in the decision, the commission said.


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