Logan Paul’s shocked response to the Floyd Mayweather-Jake Paul brawl was captured on camera.


Logan Paul’s shocked response to the Floyd Mayweather-Jake Paul brawl was captured on camera.

When Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul fought, Logan Paul was present.

Logan Paul appeared noticeably shaken following his brother Jake’s fight with Floyd Mayweather in Miami on Thursday. As the aforementioned two came to blows, there were some crazy moments. And the entire episode was captured on video.

On June 6, Logan Paul will battle Floyd Mayweather in the ring, with the latter coming out of retirement for the exhibition bout.

However, there was a horrible event in Miami before to that brawl.

Jake Paul unprovokedly stole Mayweather’s hat, eliciting a ferocious response from the boxer and igniting a chaotic brawl.

Logan’s response was captured on tape, with Showtime Boxing showing the YouTuber astonished by the events.

The furious 26-year-old walked away from the incident, exclaiming, “What the f*** did he do bro?”

It’s unclear whether he’s referring to his brother, who was the one who started things off on the wrong foot.

Alternatively, he could have been referring to Mayweather, who looked to throw multiple punches during the ensuing commotion.

After his brother’s antics, Logan conceded that the stakes had been raised, adding, “This s*** was going to be kind of adorable and we were going to put on a good show, but now it’s going to be a f****** fight, it’s going to be a war.”

“Floyd appeared to be rather emotional; he may act cool on stage all he wants, but I believe my brother is doing my job for me.”

After the incident, Jake posted a mock apology on Instagram, writing, “Hey, after like thinking about it, I just want to say I apologise for my behavior and I’m sorry.”

“I shouldn’t have acted like that… I’m only joking.”

He also stated that he acquired a new tattoo that reads “Gotcha hat” in reference to what he said to Mayweather.

He also denied that McGregor gave him a black eye, instead accusing one of the boxer’s staff of roughing him up.

“One of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards hit me in the eye with a clean shot,” he alleged.

“Honestly, I’ve had three easy fights as a pro, so I’ve been aching for some genuine action,” he continued.

“I stole his hat because he robs people of their money by engaging in pointless fights.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” describes the struggle between Logan and the 44-year-old.


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