Liverpool’s next transfer priority is clear: they must emulate Manchester United’s strategy.


Liverpool’s next transfer priority is clear: they must emulate Manchester United’s strategy.

Adama Traore, a former Liverpool target, shined against Manchester United, but the Reds would have to be willing to take a risk.

Following his swashbuckling performance against Manchester United on Saturday, some Liverpool fans demanded that Jurgen Klopp’s club sign Adama Traore. Despite the fact that their present front line has been widely noticed as in need of some evolution, the Reds have not made a move for an attacking player with two days left in the transfer window.

Traore’s performance against United demonstrated why he has been connected with Liverpool in the past, as well as why Klopp hasn’t moved for him yet.

In the first half, the winger’s quickness, strength, and direct running were too much for the Red Devils’ midfield, stretching a defense that included newcomer Raphael Varane.

Many Liverpool fans took to social media to demand that their team pay the £40 million or more required to persuade Wolves to sell Traore. A deal for the 25-year-old would match United’s signing of Jadon Sancho – a speedy, direct winger who would add another dimension to the attack – in a transfer window when Liverpool’s title rivals have all signed offensive players.

The 25-year-explosive old’s skills could cause havoc in any elite squad, and he’d be a welcome addition to a Liverpool front line in desperate need of a new lease on life, as seen by their struggle to break down Chelsea’s formidable defense on Saturday.

Traore had promised to upset Spurs in Wolves’ previous encounter, but he was let down by either his own end product or that of his teammates in that game, as well as against United.

The Spain international is said to be a goal for his old Tottenham boss Nuno, although Liverpool have been connected with him in consecutive seasons – until Klopp flew under the radar last summer and bought his teammate Diogo Jota instead.

Traore’s maddening lack of Premier League production appears to back up the Reds’ decision, with only seven goals and 13 assists in three seasons not enough of a return for a player with his lightning pace and imposing physical traits – especially when contrasted to Jota’s effect. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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