Liverpool’s manager admits to a ‘transfer failure,’ citing seven reasons for the club’s lack of summer activity.


Liverpool’s manager admits to a ‘transfer failure,’ citing seven reasons for the club’s lack of summer activity.

In comparison to their rivals, Liverpool was unusually quiet throughout the summer transfer window.

With rivals such as Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United all making significant investments during the summer transfer window, Liverpool’s inaction raised some eyebrows, but the club’s director of research, Dr Ian Graham, has attempted to explain why “transfers fail.” For several years, it’s been evident that Liverpool’s owners are sticking to their transfer strategy.

They had backed Jurgen Klopp in the transfer market when major changes were required, spending a record amount on Virgil van Dijk nearly four years ago.

Both Alisson and Fabinho joined Liverpool the following summer to form the backbone of Klopp’s team.

Liverpool has spent little over £100 million on new acquisitions in the three years since that summer, with nearly two-thirds of that amount recouped through player sales.

Klopp’s team hasn’t altered much in recent years, and there was a feeling among supporters that this summer was the right time to make a significant investment.

City had shattered the British transfer record by signing Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, while Chelsea had shattered their own record sum by re-signing Romelu Lukaku.

Arsenal were the Premier League’s biggest spenders, spending £150 million on a slew of new arrivals, albeit they’re at a different level than Liverpool at the moment.

United, on the other hand, made great strides in the transfer market, bringing in Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane, and Jadon Sancho.

In the summer, Liverpool was connected with bringing in more players, specifically a midfielder and another attacking player.

However, nothing materialized, and Klopp appeared to be content with Liverpool’s current transfer scenario.

Along with Michael Edwards, Graham was a member of Liverpool’s successful recruitment staff.

While the transfer window has proved fruitful for Liverpool, Graham confesses to the Liverpool Echo that “50% of transfers fail.”

There are seven reasons provided for this, including the player’s inability to integrate into the team’s style of play, their inability to outperform present choices, and the target being played out of position.

More reasons are provided in order to build a general framework for what Liverpool’s transfer team looks for in the market.

According to the article, Graham and the rest of the squad are always trying to guarantee that Liverpool’s transfer success record remains above 50%.

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