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Liverpool owner John Henry reveals his pride at delivering the Premier League trophy to Anfield

Liverpool owner John Henry revealed the pride he felt as the club won their first ever Premier League title and lifted it at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp’s side ended a 30-year wait for a topflight title after they finished the season on 99 points, cruising to the summit of the league with ease after a fantastic campaign.

Henry took over the club ten years ago and said that their first Premier League title has been a ‘long time coming’. 

‘It was a long time coming,’ Henry told ‘Watching Jürgen get emotional made all of us emotional. It has been an emotional 10 years.

‘Liverpool Football Club is a family and it’s really something extraordinary to be part of.

‘I just want to say [to the supporters] that you’ve waited a long time for this and I know we all have to celebrate responsibly, but this really feels sort of like the gift that keeps on giving.

‘Every day I get up, it’s front and centre that we won [in] England finally. So, that’s my wish for you, that every morning you get up for the next, as long as you can accomplish it, think about what we accomplished this year in Europe, England and I hope you feel as proud as I do.’

Henry hailed the club’s recent success as an ‘extraordinary accomplishment’ and praised Jurgen Klopp after led the Reds to their first Premier League title.

He continued: ‘The fact that we are champions of England, champions of Europe, the Club World Cup, the Super Cup is just an extraordinary accomplishment by this organisation and by these players.

‘To be involved with that, to have been a part of it has really been the capstone of my career and I think all of us who have been a part of Fenway Sports Group.

‘I could go on and on about Jürgen and how his heart is larger than his frame, how his enthusiasm affects all of us positively every day.’

‘But I think what is important is he is determined every day to do the right thing, whether it’s with regard to what happens on the pitch, whether it’s regard to nutrition for the club. He is just determined every day to do the right thing and that rubs off.’

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