LIVE STREAM: Lewis Hamilton is given a penalty after Max Verstappen crashes out of the British Grand Prix.


LIVE STREAM: Lewis Hamilton is given a penalty after Max Verstappen crashes out of the British Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen will start ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the British Grand Prix, which will be broadcast live on Express Sport.

After Max Verstappen won the Silverstone sprint race on Saturday, Lewis Hamilton will start the British Grand Prix in second place. Yesterday, Red Bull appeared to be significantly faster, and they are concerned that they will not be able to close the deficit when the lights go out.

“Obviously, it hasn’t been the ideal day for us, but we’ve been giving it our all,” Hamilton added.

“Tomorrow will be difficult, but the fans’ support, even the parade lap, the noise of the stadium, is just fantastic. I’ll rest tonight and return stronger the next day.

“There are definitely things we’ve learned from today, and I’m hoping to better for tomorrow.

“I’ll give it my all for everyone who shows out tomorrow, and I’m hoping for a tighter race than we had today.”

As Leclerc does the quickest lap, Hamilton is concerned about the state of his tyres. Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren is the first of the top six drivers to enter the pits.

Leclerc appears to have solved his problem, as he extends his lead over Hamilton.

Pierre Gasly is given a warning for going above the track limits. He is presently ranked eleventh.

Leclerc, the race leader, has been complaining about his engine shutting out. His team is calling for a backup plan. Hamilton is poised to strike.

Leclerc, who has yet to place on the podium this year, is still in front, but his advantage has shrunk to approximately two seconds.

Is Hamilton adopting a new strategy? “It’s probably time for you to move on now. Due to the 10-second penalty, the situation has changed since this morning,” Mercedes radios to him.

Lando Norris puts in a fantastic performance, passing Bottas and moving into third place in front of his home crowd.

When Hamilton is informed of his penalty over the radio, he remains silent.

He’s getting close to catching up to LeClerc.

It will be added to his pit stop, which will take an eternity to arrive.

After an almost 40-minute delay, we’re off on another formation lap with a standing start.

We’re approximately 10 minutes away from the race restarting, which will obviously not involve Verstappen.

Today might be a crucial day for Mercedes in terms of gaining ground.

Leclerc of Ferrari is now in the lead.

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