Lions Leader confirms continuing discussions on the future of the summer tour in South Africa


After Chief Executive Ben Calveley announced talks about the feasibility of the tour, the British and Irish Lions’ tour to South Africa is in question. The coronavirus pandemic, which has seen new strains appear in England and South Africa, has brought confusion about whether the tour will go forward as expected.

For an eight-game trip that will culminate in a three-test series against the Springboks, the Lions are scheduled to depart on June 27. Calveley understands, however, that a decision would have to be taken sooner rather than later, with a deadline in February. As you would expect, we are going ahead with our plans based on the latest information available to us,” Calveley said. “However, we are aware of the need to make a timely decision on the best course of action, considering the uncertainty created by the coronavirus pandemic in both South Africa and the UK and Ireland…. Not least, so that fans who have booked a trip to South Africa next summer or those who are thinking of making the trip can be made explicit. “In the meantime, we are continuing frequent meetings with our partners in the UK, Ireland and South Africa, including the British High Commission in Pretoria, the Irish Embassy and various government departments, to gather as much information as possible on this rapidly evolving, complex situation,” Calveley said an update will be provided “in due course,” adding.”


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