Lewis Hamilton’s ‘edge’ worries Max Verstappen. After the British Grand Prix, there will be a title fight in Formula One.


Lewis Hamilton’s ‘edge’ worries Max Verstappen. After the British Grand Prix, there will be a title fight in Formula One.

In the Drivers’ Championship standings, Lewis Hamilton sits 32 points behind Max Verstappen.

After Sunday’s British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has cautioned that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton may have an advantage over Red Bull in the next races. The Dutchman is now in first place in the Drivers’ Championship, having won five of the nine races so far this season.

Meanwhile, Hamilton is 32 points behind Red Bull’s second-place finisher as he chases a record-breaking seventh individual championship.

The 36-year-old hasn’t finished on top of the podium since winning the Spanish Grand Prix in May, but he’ll be optimistic about his chances at Silverstone this weekend.

He’ll race in front of a home audience of 140,000 in front of a circuit that has been dominated by Mercedes in recent years as he tries to reduce his points deficit as quickly as possible.

Verstappen said that Hamilton might be in line to claw his way back into title contention before long, based on his assessment of the Austrian Grand Prix and the challenges that lie ahead for Red Bull.

In a press statement, the 23-year-old stated that he is not prepared to dwell on recent performances, implying that Mercedes may have a performance advantage in the coming weeks as the championship competition heats up.

“We’ve had a great start to the season, and I’m extremely pleased with that, but we need to keep pushing,” Verstappen said.

“We can’t only think about what we’ve accomplished so far. For the rest of the year, things will be tight and challenging, but that is what makes it fascinating.

“We were definitely ahead in Austria and our vehicle was really good there, but we only won with a few laps to go in France, so the championship is very close, possibly even closer than the points reflect right now.

“We have some difficult tracks ahead of us where Mercedes may have the advantage, but we have a great squad and are doing everything we can to stay ahead.”

This year’s British Grand Prix will feature a brand-new sprint qualifying format, which will be tested for the first time in Formula One history.

“Brinkwire Summary News” has the starting order for Saturday’s sprint event.


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