Lewis Hamilton’s domination at Mercedes was predicted by Michael Schumacher before anybody else.


Lewis Hamilton’s domination at Mercedes was predicted by Michael Schumacher before anybody else.

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are equal for the most Formula One titles with seven each.

Lewis Hamilton is six races away from overtaking icon Michael Schumacher for a historic eighth Formula One Drivers’ Championship, with the two having seven titles each. With the record in sight, comments from the archives have surfaced, indicating that the German observed Hamilton’s ascension from afar early in his career.

With only six races remaining, Hamilton is two points ahead of title contender Max Verstappen in the fight for the 2021 world championship, and the two will face off in the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon.

With no other contenders in the race to overtake them, it’s a two-horse contest for the coveted championship in a rivalry that dates back to the first race of the season in March.

In what would be Verstappen’s maiden championship, Hamilton will want to show that his experience will triumph over Verstappen’s relative inexperience.

It also bears a striking resemblance to Hamilton’s early career, when he competed for the championship against more experienced drivers, including Michael Schumacher, who prophesied Hamilton’s rise after his retirement.

In a 15-year career, Schumacher became the face of Formula One racing, winning practically everything that came his way.

With 91 victories in only 308 races, Schumacher established himself as the greatest racer of all time, winning five consecutive championships from 2000 to 2004.

Hamilton, on the other hand, now has the possibility to surpass Schumacher’s greatness by winning an eighth title in a row – something Schumacher witnessed all those years ago.

“We all know Lewis is one of the best drivers we have,” Schumacher said in 2012. “I am confident he and the team will have a good future.”

“In Lewis, the team had an option that helped me decide.

“I was present when the conversations were taking place, but I felt unsure of myself. I have no grudges towards you.” In a recent interview, Hamilton talked glowingly of his friendly rivalry with Verstappen, stating that despite occasional on-track mishaps, he respects his fellow driver.

“I have no animosity toward him,” Hamilton remarked.

“I think he’s a fantastic talent, and I’m having a great time racing alongside him. “Brinkwire Summary News,” I say.


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