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Lewis Hamilton slams FIA who plan to ban ‘qualifying mode’ engine settings which could hurt Mercedes

Formula One bosses are planning to bring in a rule that will slow down Lewis Hamilton.

The FIA have written to the teams telling them they propose to outlaw boost settings used in qualifying – a mode Mercedes have mastered to claim every pole position a second ahead of the field this season.

No wonder Hamilton has previously referred to the function as ‘party mode’.

Clearly annoyed during his press conference ahead of Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton said: ‘It is not a surprise because they are always trying to slow us down.

‘The guys at our team have done such a great job with the engine. It is obviously to slow us down but I don’t think it will get the result they want.’

The letter came from FIA secretary general Peter Bayer. He believes engine modes have become too complex to police and wants to impose the same settings for qualifying and the race. 

An official directive could be brought in as soon as next weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix.

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