Lewis Hamilton sets out Mercedes’ British Grand Prix strategy in order to beat Max Verstappen.


Lewis Hamilton sets out Mercedes’ British Grand Prix strategy in order to beat Max Verstappen.

On Sunday, Lewis Hamilton will go for broke in his attempt to beat Max Verstappen at his home Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton believes he’ll ‘play the long game’ to beat Red Bull and Max Verstappen in the British Grand Prix on Sunday, but admits Mercedes won’t be able to achieve it on pure speed.

Despite throngs of supporters roaring on the seven-time world champion on the sidelines, the 36-year-old had to settle for second place in the sprint qualifying session on Saturday.

Hamilton was fastest on Friday, setting a blistering lap at Silverstone to clinch pole position for the 17-lap sprint race, which he has won seven times before.

Mercedes had been aiming to make it eleven pole positions in a row at a track that is known for favoring the home driver.

The sprint results have established who will start from pole position, with Verstappen racing past the seven-time world champion to win the first sprint.

“I think he had a lot of pace, and I don’t think he had to push too hard, whereas we were going flat out,” Hamilton said during a press conference on Saturday evening.

“Tomorrow will be difficult, and if I can keep up with them during the stints, we might be able to apply pressure through strategy, but we won’t be overtaking them on the track; they’re simply too fast. So, hopefully, we’ll have a long game.

Verstappen earned three championship points for winning the sprint, extending his lead to 33 points heading into Sunday’s main race, while Hamilton earned two points for finishing second.

The Briton, on the other hand, was mystified as to why he had such a bad start.

“We have a clutch target location that you have to hit, and the idea is to always be on target, which I was.

“So I did what I was meant to do, but it didn’t work out for some reason that I don’t understand.

“I had a lot of wheel spinning, and the rest is history,” says the narrator.

“Obviously, we did everything [on the first lap]to go around, but he was too quick.

“Today he was just too fast.

“Brinkwire Summary News” reports that Hamilton will start from second place on Sunday, behind his primary title challenger.


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