Lewis Hamilton responds to Max Verstappen’s “hostility” and reveals specifics about their connection.


Lewis Hamilton responds to Max Verstappen’s “hostility” and reveals specifics about their connection.

The F1 Drivers’ Championship is presently being contested by Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Despite their heated Formula One rivalry, Lewis Hamilton insists there is no animosity between him and Max Verstappen. Both drivers are among the greatest in the sport and are vying for the F1 Drivers’ Championship this season, with the Briton presently holding the pole position.

Hamilton is currently in first place in the standings after winning the Russian Grand Prix.

But it hasn’t been easy for the Brit so far, with Verstappen developing into one of the greatest drivers on the grid and vying for the title.

Formula One fans are being treated to a close duel for the first time in years, with Hamilton generally having his way.

And, as their rivalry has heated up this season, things have threatened to boil over on several occasions.

However, in an interview with ESPN, Hamilton stated unequivocally that he and Verstappen had no animosity toward one another.

Furthermore, despite their on-track feuds, he says they are cordial to each other when they meet in private.

“It’s a challenge,” Hamilton admitted.

“When you’re around people in unpleasant situations, and they’re around you, they’re one way with you, and they’re another when you’re not there.”

“I don’t have any animosity for him.” I think he’s a fantastic talent, and I’m having a great time racing alongside him.

“Whenever Max and I have encountered each other after the race, whether he is first or last, I have always tried to be respectful.”

“It doesn’t seem to have changed.”

“I always make an effort to go over to him, and it makes no difference to me.”

“Do I concur with all he says and does?” It makes no difference. All I have control over is what I do and how I deal with situations.” This season, Verstappen and Hamilton have had multiple clashes.

Hamilton sent the Dutchman flying during the British Grand Prix, and they both ended up in the gravel at the Italian Grand Prix earlier this month, infuriating Red Bull.

Hamilton also admitted that he spoke with Verstappen after Silverstone to clarify the situation, saying: “I contacted him after Silverstone, but again – I don’t mean to sound patronizing – but I’m much older.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” said, “It was significant.”


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