Lewis Hamilton responds to Max Verstappen receiving a Russia penalty for his incident at the Italian Grand Prix.


Lewis Hamilton responds to Max Verstappen receiving a Russia penalty for his incident at the Italian Grand Prix.

At the Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton responds to Max Verstappen’s penalty for provoking a collision.

Lewis Hamilton admits he was “shocked” during a stunning incident at the Italian Grand Prix, in which Max Verstappen’s Red Bull was left mounted on top of his Mercedes and both drivers wound up beached in the gravel.

After the stewards determined that Verstappen was “predominantly at fault” for the crash, he was given a three-place grid penalty for the Russian Grand Prix.

“If that is the verdict, then I think I am ultimately proud of the stewards,” Hamilton said in response to the decision, which came as he was speaking to the media.

“It clearly establishes a precedent, and I believe it is critical for us to have rigorous guidelines in place moving forward for the safety of the drivers.”

On lap 26 of the race, Hamilton and Verstappen collided as the seven-time world champion was exiting the pits.

On the run-up to turn one, neither appeared to be yielding as the space narrowed, with Verstappen clipping the sausage kerbs and propelling the Red Bull over the Mercedes, the back tire scraping across the halo and colliding with the Briton’s helmet.

Hamilton expressed his gratitude by saying, “I feel very, very blessed today.” “Thank you, God, for the halo that saved my life and my neck.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever been hit by a car in my life. And it comes as such a shock to me.

“We’re taking chances, and it’s only until you go through something like that that you realize how vulnerable we all are.

“If you look at the photos from the crash, you’ll notice that my head is fairly far forward in the cockpit.

“I’ve been racing for a very long time. I’m so thankful I’m still alive. I consider myself really fortunate that someone was keeping an eye on me today.”

The halo, a titanium ring that sits above the cockpit of a Formula One car to protect the driver’s head from flying debris, was introduced to the sport in 2018 and received significant criticism.

Toto Wolff, Hamilton’s boss, shared Hamilton’s sentiments and praised the halo’s entrance to Formula One.

“Up until now, the championship had been a lot of fun, but today we watched the halo save Lewis’ life. “Brinkwire Summary News” says we don’t.


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