Lewis Hamilton reacted angrily after Nico Rosberg questioned his consistency, saying, “Need headlines.”


Lewis Hamilton reacted angrily after Nico Rosberg questioned his consistency, saying, “Need headlines.”

After Nico Rosberg questioned his consistency, Lewis Hamilton appeared to accuse his former colleague of hunting for “headlines.”

As Red Bull’s Max Verstappen continues to draw away in the Championship, Lewis Hamilton is facing his first major test in years. The British driver finished fourth in yesterday’s Austrian Grand Prix, while Verstappen won for the third time in a row to extend his lead to 32 points. After the race, Hamilton conceded that his Dutch adversary is currently “walking away” with the title. “Max is going away with it right now, and there isn’t much we can do about it,” he remarked.

“They’ve improved so much in terms of performance, and we still have a long way to go to close that gap.

“I’m hoping [at Silverstone]our car feels better. The weather has been quite bad for the last two weeks, so it’s been a tough few races. But we’ll keep trying and keeping our heads up.

“In the coming weeks, we will do everything we can to improve. We’ve been in a lot of trouble on this track. It will be fascinating to see how the other races turn out.”

Hamilton will be hoping to avoid another verbal spat with former Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg as his performance is scrutinized.

In 2018, Rosberg questioned Hamilton’s consistency, implying that opponents would try to take advantage.

“[Lewis] has these phases where he’s simply not on it,” he explained. You can keep him down for a while longer if you can pounce at those intervals and make the most of it. You have to take advantage of the situation, and Sebastian [Vettel] performed rather well last year.”

This seemed to irritate Hamilton, who stated that some of his critics were seeking for a story to write about.

“I believe I demonstrated that last year,” he remarked. Again, I believe there are many people who require headlines, and this is one method of obtaining them.

“This year, my goal is to be more consistent, because consistency was the key to winning the World Championship last year.”

Rosberg is the most recent driver to defeat Hamilton to win a world championship, having done so in 2016.

Despite this, Hamilton has won six of the last seven driver championships. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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