Lewis Hamilton has set a new benchmark that Max Verstappen may never be able to match.


Lewis Hamilton has set a new benchmark that Max Verstappen may never be able to match.

On Sunday, Lewis Hamilton set a new record by winning the 100th Grand Prix in Russia, while Max Verstappen finished second.

After winning his 100th Grand Prix in Russia on Sunday, Lewis Hamilton has been challenged to attain a new milestone. Following a dramatic afternoon in Sochi, Hamilton, 36, became the first driver to win a century of Formula One races, overtaking McLaren’s Lando Norris after heavy rain caused pandemonium in the final few laps.

Despite the changes in weather, Norris chose to stay out on slick tyres, while Hamilton chose to pit for intermediates. The 21-year-gambit old’s backfired as he was barely able to stay on the track as Hamilton passed him, forcing him to pit before finishing seventh.

It allowed Hamilton to win the race, and now F1 managing director Ross Brawn has assigned him a new goal to achieve.

Brawn remarked in his post-race editorial on the official F1 website, “It’s a milestone no one imagined anyone would ever accomplish.”

“Michael Schumacher’s (Schumacher’s) count of 91 was so far ahead of anything anyone else had ever done at the time that it appeared impossible that anyone could even come close.” But then Lewis defeated it, and he now has 100 victories. Nothing is going to stop him.

“Who knows where it’ll end up?” says the narrator. He’ll be with us for at least another couple of years, and he’ll win races every year. We can’t forecast 200 wins, but we can absolutely predict 20 more since he’s still really competitive and motivated.” “It’s incredible, and congrats to him; it’s a centennial that no one could have predicted.” Hamilton, on the other hand, had a far from flawless weekend, qualifying fourth after striking the wall in the pits when fitting soft tyres and crashing into the barriers on his penultimate lap. Later, he accepted full responsibility for the disaster.

Brawn, on the other hand, was full of praise for Hamilton and Mercedes’ response the next day, but admitted the title fight was far from over.

“It’s a sign of a world champion on a world championship squad when minor hiccups – like Lewis striking the wall in qualifying – stand out.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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