Lewis Hamilton has refused to accept responsibility for Max Verstappen’s crash during the British Grand Prix.


Lewis Hamilton has refused to accept responsibility for Max Verstappen’s crash during the British Grand Prix.

After colliding with Lewis Hamilton on the first lap, Max Verstappen was forced to retire from the British Grand Prix.

After colliding on the first lap of the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton went on team radio to ask if Max Verstappen was hurt after the hard smash into the tyre wall. Early in the sprint race on Saturday, Hamilton and Verstappen were involved in a thrilling struggle, with the Dutchman triumphing over his championship opponent.

As a result, Hamilton was relegated to second place on the grid for Sunday’s race, behind Verstappen.

He did, though, have the same advantage as Verstappen on Saturday, in that he had the inside line.

On Sunday, he got off to a stronger start by getting up alongside Verstappen as they approached the first curve.

Before Hamilton took advantage of the slipstream heading through Woodcote, the two championship contenders were racing wheel-to-wheel.

As Hamilton came up the inside and Verstappen turned in, the Red Bull driver flew off into the gravel and slammed into the tyre wall, but they collided.

Hamilton immediately announced on team radio that he had sustained damage and needed to return to the pits.

The race was immediately red flagged as Verstappen received medical treatment when exiting his car.

Later, Hamilton questioned if Max was “all right” before stating on team radio that he was in front and had the racing line.

“I had the upper hand going in there. It was my line as I pulled alongside,” Hamilton stated over the team radio.

“He turned on me, man, giving the guy some breathing room.”

However, after watching footage of the incident, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner expressed his emotions for Michael Masi.

“Look, Michael, he was never anywhere close alongside that corner,” he continued.

“Anyone who has driven at this track knows you don’t stick a wheel up the inside of Copse. That was a massive mishap, and it was entirely Max’s fault.

“As far as I’m concerned, the entire guilt lies with Hamilton, who should never have been in that position in the first place. Thankfully, he has escaped unscathed. I’m hoping you’ll take care of things properly.”


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