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Lewis Hamilton frustrated by Mercedes’ ‘unexpected blistering’ as F1 world champion finishes second

Lewis Hamilton vented his frustration with the blistering on his tyres during the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. 

The F1 World Champion finished second at Silverstone behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, with his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas taking the last podium place.

Whilst the Dutch driver was able to coast through the race with his tyres in good condition, the Mercedes duo were finding it tougher as theirs began to blister after only a few laps. 

‘It was a massive challenge,’ Hamilton told Sky Sports. ‘Congrats to the Red Bull team and to Max. They didn’t have the problems we had today.

‘It was definitely unexpected to have the blistering as hardcore as we experienced. 

‘I was nervous the tyre was going to explode but I am grateful I managed to progress and get through the race.’

The Brit also said that it was a ‘real shock’ that he was struggling to drive the car after he dominated the British Grand Prix, until his tyre burst in the final lap, just seven days before. 

‘It was such a difficult race. I love a challenge, but it was just an unexpected challenge that we had,’ he added.

‘Last race we had understeer and we were struggling with more front tyres blistering, and then this weekend it was the complete opposite. And there was nothing you could do. A real shock. 

‘I was really grateful I was able to extend the second stint. I was thinking whether to stay out [for a one-stop] but I think Max would have caught me, and if the rear goes that’s a spin. So credit to the team.’

When he was questioned whether his team could have done something different, Hamilton responded: ‘Could we have done better? For sure. If we had done hard-medium-hard [rather than medium-hard-hard], maybe.

‘But I still think they would have won.’

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