Lewis Hamilton ‘doesn’t have a chance’ against Max Verstappen for the championship, according to Schumacher.


Lewis Hamilton ‘doesn’t have a chance’ against Max Verstappen for the championship, according to Schumacher.

Despite Hamilton holding the overall lead following the Hungarian Grand Prix, former Formula One driver Ralf Schumacher believes that Max Verstappen’s better mentality will help him defeat Hamilton in the title fight.

Ralf Schumacher has backed Max Verstappen in his bid to win the Formula One Drivers’ Championship. Even though Verstappen’s great adversary Lewis Hamilton has taken the lead in the drivers’ standings, the younger brother of racing hero Michael Schumacher believes the Red Bull driver will triumph at the end of the season.

In his Sky column, the 46-year-old regretted Verstappen’s bad luck, saying, “Max has had bad luck twice recently, but he has put in a tremendous performance so far.” Even when the Red Bull isn’t doing properly, he makes the most of it.”

Schumacher also praised Verstappen’s maturation over the course of his Formula One career, stating that such maturity will be a key factor in why Hamilton will not be able to shake the Dutchman and win his ninth championship, despite seizing the lead last weekend.

“I don’t believe that [Verstappen] will overcompensate in the second half of the season since he has grown now,” Schumacher remarked.

“You’ve seen that throughout the season, and it was really needed. Of course, Lewis is trying everything he can to get him off his back this year, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Max.

“For Red Bull, it will be critical to focus on the necessities rather than reacting to Mercedes’ diversion tactics all of the time.”

Schumacher also weighed in on the current spat between Hamilton and Verstappen, stating that he believes the two will have many more clashes on the track in the future.

“I don’t think Lewis and Max have clashed for the last time,” Schumacher added. The closer the tournament goes to its conclusion, the more difficult it will get. For us, as spectators, it’s fantastic because we get to see super-exciting races.”

Last weekend, it was Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas who harmed Verstappen’s title hopes by slamming Lando Norris’ McLaren into Verstappen’s car and sent him spinning off the track at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

While Verstappen was able to rejoin the race, his car was too seriously damaged to compete effectively as.


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