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Lewis Hamilton describes heart-stopping final moments before winning British GP

Lewis Hamilton has described the exhilarating final moments which saw him win the British Grand Prix for a record seventh time.

Hamilton drove himself to yet another landmark by winning the British Grand Prix for a record seventh time – in dramatic style on just three wheels.

From pole position, the Englishman led all afternoon to move ahead of Alain Prost, on six victories in the historic race.

Hamilton, 35, was in a two-horse race with his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas until the dramatic last two laps, and described what was running through his mind in the final moment.

‘Up until that last lap, everything was smooth sailing,’ said Hamilton following the conclusion of the race.

‘When I heard Valtteri’s tyre went I looked at mine and everything seemed fine.

‘The car was still turning, and the last laps I started to back off and then the tyre deflated.

‘It was definitely heart-in-the-mouth. You could see the tyre was falling off the rim.

‘Oh my God, I was just praying to get it round. I nearly didn’t do it, but thank God we did.’ 

Bottas suffered a puncture and then Hamilton’s front-left tyre went on him, too. He just limped over the line, his rubber shredded, 5.8sec ahead of rival Max Verstappen in an astonishing late twist.

The Dutchman would have won but for going in for fresh tyres to attack, successfully, for the quickest lap.

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