Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will rejoice at the Ferrari admission.


Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will be overjoyed with the Ferrari admission.

FERRARI team principal Mattia Binotto made an admission that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the title contenders for 2021, will appreciate.

Despite prioritizing the 2022 car last season, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has admitted he is not confident in a title challenge this season.

With aerodynamic-based regulation changes set to shake up the grid, F1 is set to enter a new era.

The regulations were supposed to be in place for the 2021 season, but due to Covid, they were pushed back a year.

The goal of these regulations is to reduce ‘following car distance’ by removing ‘dirty air’ that leading cars leave in their wake, which makes overtaking more difficult due to turbulent air flow.

Sidepods, airboxes, brake ducts, underbodies, and both front and rear wings will all be redesigned, despite the fact that the powertrains will remain largely unchanged.

The addition of 18-inch wheels will have a significant visual and technical impact on the vehicles.

Ferrari was one of several teams that shifted their focus to the new car early on, rather than developing last year’s contender, in the hopes of kicking off the new era on the right foot.

With Mercedes and Red Bull at the front, Binotto was asked if he was confident that his team could return to the top of the sport.

“First and foremost, I cannot be confident,” Binotto said in a press conference.

“The reason for this appears to be because the gap [to Mercedes and Red Bull]is still significant, indicating that those teams are very strong.”

“The fact that we put a lot of effort into the 2022 [car]and made it a priority was a necessity for us because we knew that if we didn’t, it would have been difficult for us to have a good or competitive car in 2022.”

As a result, it was more of a necessity for us.

“Does that give us complete confidence? No, we can’t be confident because, as I previously stated, we don’t have any references from others.”

“What we do know is that we gave it our all, and whatever we get is the best result of a team effort, and that was the most important thing for us.”

F1 cars are also expected to make the switch.

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