Lando Norris says McLaren is “very confident” in his performance in 2022.


Lando Norris’ comment that McLaren is “very confident” comes as the Brit looks to make more progress in 2022.

LANDO NORRIS’ McLaren team has given him yet another vote of confidence as he works to realize his full potential.

According to his team boss, Lando Norris demonstrated more than ever in the 2021 season that he has the talent and drive to accomplish what has been predicted for him in Formula One.

McLaren boss Zak Brown believes the young British driver “validated” himself well last year and is excited to see what else he can accomplish in the future.

His third season in the sport, and his most successful to date, was in 2021.

McLaren had a great year the year before, finishing third in the constructors’ championship thanks to Norris and then-teammate Carlos Sainz’s efforts.

Norris’ 97 points that year were eclipsed by his 160 points the following year, and he also earned four podiums.

All of this, at the tender age of 22, indicates that he has the potential to achieve great things in Formula One in the years ahead.

In 2021, Norris formed a strong partnership with Daniel Ricciardo, though the British driver outperformed his far more experienced partner in terms of results.

Brown believes Norris is on the right track because of his performances against someone who has plenty of experience winning races and running at the front.

“First and foremost, we’ve always had race-winning drivers and, in most cases, world champions,” McLaren CEO Bruce McLaren told reporters.

“Getting Daniel in the car appealed to me because of that.

Winning multiple Grand Prix establishes a benchmark, demonstrating Lando’s ability.

“That comes as no surprise to us, but you’re looking for confirmation.”

“We now have two drivers capable of winning the Grand Prix, one of whom has done so before and the other who will undoubtedly do so in the future.”

“And I don’t believe you need a world champion in the car.”

I believe you need two drivers who you believe are capable of being world champions, and I am confident that we have that.”

Despite his longer association with the team, Norris was beaten in the race by Ricciardo, who won his first race with McLaren.

It happened in Monza, where the team was at its peak.

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