Kimberly Wyatt of Dancing On Ice has a freak fall and hits her head on the ice.


Kimberly Wyatt of Dancing On Ice has a freak fall and hits her head on the ice.

Kimberly Wyatt of Pussycat Dolls shared her terrifying fall onto the ice during Dancing On Ice training on social media. It came after the show’s judge, John Barrowman, was fired. Dancing On Ice star Kimberly Wyatt broke her skull on the ice in a terrifying fall during practice for the ITV live broadcasts.

When the Pussycat Doll collided with her partner Mark Henretty on the ice, she was in training.

As she learned the new routines with her professional partner, the 39-year-old was clad entirely in black.

While in rhythm with Mark, the blonde beauty looked to lose her balance as she performed intricate footwork and span around with her arms in the air.

The American dancer was thrown on her back and hit her head on the ice as a result of the slide.

Kimberly posted the behind-the-scenes video to her Instagram account, informing admirers that “everything is going so wonderfully…”

The actress bounced back from her fall and shared a second video assuring fans that she was unharmed despite minor bruising.

Kimberly wrote: “I’m alright, don’t worry… The elbow is bruised but otherwise unharmed.” Kimberly showed clips of her extraordinary flexibility while stretching in between training sessions, which led to the terrifying fall.

The actress was seen sitting in the splits with her arms in a ballerina stance above her head, facing the camera.

Slowly, while still sitting in the splits, the actress moved her hips to face away from the camera, revealing her peach derriere.

Kimberly will be competing alongside Sally Dynevor from Coronation Street, Bez from Happy Mondays, Liberty Poole from Love Island, and Brendan Cole from Strictly Come Dancing.

After being removed from the show last week, the ITV smash show will return in January 2022 without former judge John Barrowman.

The entertainer will be preparing to host All Star Musicals, a new prime-time show on ITV.

Ashley Banjo, a judge on Dancing On Ice, was underwhelmed with the news.

“I’m quite sad to see John depart the show,” Banjo told the Brinkwire on Sunday. I’ll miss him a lot. ‘You will be missed, John,’ I said in a note to him.

“I did it because we’re all human at the end of the day.”

“It’s not about showbiz for me; it’s about human interactions,” she says.

“When I learned that he wasn’t going to be there all of a sudden,” he continued, “I. Brinkwire delivers condensed news.


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