Kilmarnock 1 St. Mirren 1: Danny Rogers places a voice on the wheel of the hosts


For the first time in four months, a FREAK own goal from Kilmarnock goalkeeper Danny Rogers in the final minute denied Kilmarnock a league victory.

A Kyle McAllister cross that was deflected by Stuart Findlay was picked up by the former Aberdeen and St Mirren player and kept the ball to his chest as he ran backwards, sending it over his own goal line, not knowing where he was in relation to his goal.

Jim Goodwin, the Saints boss, said, “I saw it back and Danny carried it over the line, there’s no doubt about that,” I figured he had been pushed by someone, but no one was near him—he was just unfortunate to lose his balance and take the ball over the line.

It didn’t seem like there was going to be a target and I didn’t believe it was our day. It’s a fair point in the end, because we weren’t close to our best results.’

From the opening whistle, the hosts took the lead. Brandon Mason sparked a free-kick from 25 yards out, the original effort of Chris Burke was intercepted, but the ball returned to him and the close-range header of Whitehall hit the underside of the bar from his cross.

While the Saints could not be blamed, until Rogers’ slip-up, it looked as if a draw would elude them.

Alex Dyer, the Kilmarnock boss, took pity on the villain of the piece.

He may have been torn between hitting or catching the ball,” he said. “He was trying to catch it and then he was pushed back by his momentum and the ball went over the fence. I feel bad for him and the team because, during the game, they played well.

“The game should have been decided at halftime. We had enough chances to do that.”


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