Khabib proposes an anti-Dagestani stance in coverage of the Moscow Metro incident, which explains Conor McGregor’s comment.


Roman Kovalev was awarded a medal for bravery after stepping in to defend a woman when she was reportedly being harassed by a group of three men on the Moscow underground.

Kovalev was left with severe facial injuries after being brutally beaten by a trio from Dagestan, in scenes were widely shared on social media and shocked Russia.

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But speaking at an event held by his Eagle FC MMA promotion in Sochi over the weekend, Dagestani former UFC lightweight champion Khabib took issue with much of the coverage regarding the incident.

According to the 33-year-old star, the headlines highlighted the fact that the trio were from Dagestan, when he argued their nationality was not necessarily relevant.

“Someone beats someone up – everywhere they write Dagestanis,” an animated Khabib told members of the media.

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“We also have feelings – there are 3.5 million Dagestanis, if not 4 million of us.

“I think it’s wrong – when one person does the wrong thing – to write in all the media ‘Dagestanis, Dagestanis’.

“These people who do bad things – there are 15-20 of them, well 30, well, let’s round it up to 100.

“But there are at least 3.5 million Dagestanis. There are intelligentsia, there are scientists, athletes, doctors.

“There are people who very worthily represent not only Dagestan, but all of Russia.

“But as soon as one sick person does something bad, all the media, including you, throw it out there that Dagestanis did this and that.”

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Khabib added: “For example, what was the name of the guy who received an award? Roman Kovalev. All the media wrote that a man was given an award after being beaten up by three Dagestanis.

“What for? Not a single person from the media even knows the names and surnames of these three sick people.

“Why does everyone write Dagestani? I’m also Dagestani. I disagree with that. Why write in the plural?”

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