Kate Middleton’s birthday photos have been dubbed ‘Hollywood,’ as fans compare her to Meghan Markle.


Kate Middleton’s birthday photos have been dubbed ‘Hollywood,’ with fans drawing comparisons to Meghan Markle.

Some royal fans have praised Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday photos as “stunning” and “ethereal,” while others believe the Duchess of Cambridge has gone too “Hollywood.”

Royal fans have compared Kate Middleton’s glam birthday photos to Meghan Markle’s and dubbed them “Hollywood” and “airbrushed.”

To commemorate her 40th birthday, the Duchess of Cambridge released three portraits yesterday.

Kate can be seen in the photos wearing various Alexander McQueen gowns as well as jewelry that belonged to both the Queen and Princess Diana.

“Delighted to share a new portrait of The Duchess ahead of her 40th birthday tomorrow,” the official Twitter account for Kate and Prince William said.

“This is one of three new portraits that will join the @NPGLondon’s permanent collection, of which The Duchess is Patron.”

Many royal fans gushed about how “stunning” and “ethereal” the photos were, but others on Twitter were less enthusiastic.

One person wrote, “SUPER ‘hollywood’ glam,” before adding, “These don’t even look like Kate.”

“I’m not sure I like these all that much,” another person commented.

To my eyes, it appears to be a little too airbrushed.”

“These aren’t the best photos I’ve ever seen of her,” a third said.

They have a strange aura about them.”

Someone else wrote, “If Meg had done this on her fortieth birthday, she would have been ripped to shreds.”

Paolo Roversi, a well-known fashion photographer who collaborated with Kate on these images, described photographing the duchess as “a moment of pure joy.”

“Taking Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge’s portrait was a true honor and a moment of pure joy for me,” he said.

“I was moved by her warm and friendly welcome, and enchanted by her gleaming eyes, which reflected her soul’s loveliness, and her smile, which revealed her heart’s generosity.”

“It was a profound and rich experience for me, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“I met a wonderful person, someone who can bring hope to the whole world with her positive energy.”

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