Kate borrows the Queen’s Bentley and lays out her plans for the Duchess amid the monarch’s health problems.


Kate borrows the Queen’s Bentley and lays out her plans for the Duchess amid the monarch’s health problems.

The Queen’s gesture, according to royal expert Daniela Elser, outlined plans for the Duchess of Cambridge and the important role she will play in the monarchy’s future.

According to a royal expert, the Queen made a bold gesture that foreshadowed the country’s future.

The Queen’s gesture, which was seen as Prince William and Kate left the London Cenotaph and the Remembrance Day ceremony, shows how she views her grandson and his wife.

For royal fans, the couple’s departure from the ceremony in the Queen’s bespoke Bentley, built exclusively for the monarch, was a sight to behold.

“The 95-year-old lending the couple her bespoke wheels translates to a very clear cut signal of approval,” royal expert Daniela Elser wrote in her news.com.au column.

Given the Royal Family’s wealth of vehicles, it’s clear that she sees the pair as the country’s future leaders, as she sat out the ceremony due to her health.

With the Queen’s sprained back forcing her to withdraw from the ceremony just two hours before it was scheduled to begin, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped in to take the Queen’s usual spot on the Commonwealth and Foreign Office balconies.

Kate had also stepped up to the plate, according to Ms Elser.

“Seeing Kate riding around in Her Majesty’s car reflects the extent to which the duchess has been stepping in recent months, especially as the vicissitudes of age catch up with the formerly unflagging sovereign,” she wrote.

“On Sunday, before the Cambridges’ notable departure, Kate had taken the sovereign’s usual seat after the Queen had left with a sprained back less than two hours earlier.”

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“With the HRHs’ distribution across the Commonwealth and the Foreign Office balconies overlooking the Cenotaph likely to be rearranged quickly, Kate was given the top spot between Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.”

Ms Elser also praised Kate’s ability to shrug off media criticism when she first came to prominence.

“Sure, she’d been largely written off,” she wrote in her column.

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