Katarina Johnson-injury Thompson’s is a setback for Team GB, as a statement reveals a new issue.


Katarina Johnson-injury Thompson’s is a setback for Team GB, as a statement reveals a new issue.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson pulled out of the heptathlon after collapsing during the 200-meter dash, and a new statement says she has a new ailment.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson was forced to withdraw from the heptathlon after failing to complete the 200 meters event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to injury. There were fears that it was a recurrence of the Achilles rupture she experienced in December 2020, but a UK Athletics statement said it was a concern with her right calf in this case.

“Katarina Johnson-Thompson injured her right calf during the 200m and has had to withdraw from the heptathlon,” the statement stated. It is not a recurrence of her left leg’s recent achilles injury.”

After collapsing, Johnson-Thompson was offered treatment and a wheelchair on the track, but she declined and valiantly rose back to her feet and finished the race. She was later disqualified for falling out of her lane.

Concerns over the 28-year-fitness old’s arose after she was seen groaning in discomfort and requesting medical assistance while competing in the high jump on Wednesday morning. Johnson-Thompson was set to compete in her first full heptathlon since winning gold at the World Championships in Doha following an injury, and the epidemic had thwarted most of her preparation.

Denise Lewis and Jessica Ennis-Hill, two former British heptathletes, also conveyed their condolences to Johnson-Thompson on the BBC. “I’m just so heartbroken for her,” Lewis remarked. I’m really sorry for her. She’s put in a lot of effort to get to this point.”

She had the best year of her life in 2019, and she was ready to go, according to Ennis-Hill. When you’re in that position heading into an Olympic year, it’s the perfect place to be—all you have to do now is ride through the winter, keep your form, and you’ll be at the Olympics.

“The event is quite strenuous, and it has resulted in harm. It’s a complete and total disaster for her.”

In the heptathlon, the Team GB gold contender was very well-placed, having won her 100-meter hurdles race in her second-fastest time ever, but just average finishes in the high jump and shot putt. “Brinkwire Summary News”. She was in sixth place going into the 200 meters, 139 points behind reigning Olympic champion Nafi Thiam.


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