Karren Brady of The Apprentice discusses her friendship with Lord Sugar and reveals a secret pact they made.


Karren Brady of The Apprentice talks about her friendship with Lord Sugar and reveals a secret pact they made.

When the cameras aren’t rolling on the tense BBC business competition show, The Apprentice star Karren Brady revealed that she and Lord Sugar have a lot of fun.

When the cameras stop rolling in The Apprentice boardroom, we can reveal that Lord Sugar and Baroness Karren Brady drop their tough personas.

They admit to having a lot of “banter” on the business show behind the scenes.

Karren, 52, is the CEO of West Ham United, and Lord Sugar, 74, is the former chairman of Tottenham Hotspur.

“Alan and I talk a lot about football,” Karren said.

Friendship comes first, football comes second, and politics comes last, as we always say.

“We both have football teams and we both sit in the House of Lords.”

“However, our friendships always take precedence over all of that.”

They also have a good time with the wacky merchandise that has been created as a result of the show.

“Alan has these pens,” Karren continued, “with his head on top and two arms on the side.”

When you press the button, a finger appears with the words ‘You’re fired’ written on it.

Lord Sugar and Karren have been co-workers on the show for a decade and are still close friends.

They spent time together on vacation with co-star Claude Littner.

“Alan and I have known each other for decades through football,” she said.

We went on vacation together, went out to eat, and we have a lot in common and plenty to talk about.

As a result, it’s been a pleasure working on the series together.

“I have a lot of television friends, and a lot of them don’t get along.”

The Apprentice premiered on Thursday, with 16 hopefuls competing for a £250,000 investment.

The series will continue on BBC One on Thursday at 9 p.m.

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