Justin Thomas Gives Surprising Update on Tiger Woods’ Comeback Status.


Justin Thomas Gives Surprising Update on Tiger Woods’ Comeback Status.

Tiger Woods is still recovering from the injuries he sustained in a vehicle accident in February. Fans, on the other hand, want to know when the golf superstar will return to the PGA Tour. On the No Laying Up podcast, golfer Justin Thomas discussed Woods and stated he’s not sure whether he’ll return.

“I’m not sure.” “I mean, I know he’ll try,” Thomas remarked, according to ESPN. “If he can’t play well, I don’t see him ever playing.” He doesn’t strike me as a guy who has played at home and is shooting 75s and 76s and then decides, ‘OK, I’ll give Augusta a shot this year.’ That’s not going to be him, at least not according to what I know about him.” Since the accident, Woods has not provided any updates on his condition. He was recovering from a minor back treatment in February when he was involved in the accident. Woods is no stranger to injuries, having undergone multiple back surgeries. After undergoing spinal fusion surgery in 2017, Woods was able to win the Masters in 2019.

“He understands that’s probably the final chance he’ll ever have to make another run,” Thomas added, “but I know how determined he is, and I know he’ll want to at least attempt to contribute something again.” Naturally, I hope he does. But, as I stated after the accident, the most important thing is for him to be able to be a father and be normal again, and everything else is a bonus. Nothing has changed there; he’s still his sarcastic-ass self, so I’m delighted to see he’s as cheerful as ever.” In May, Woods spoke to Golf Digest about the accident and revealed how much pain he was in. “This is a completely other species,” Woods explained. “Because of my previous injuries, I’m more familiar with the rehab process, but this was the most agonizing thing I’ve ever gone through.” When asked if he’ll play golf again, Woods remained silent.


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