Jorgie Porter of Hollyoaks talks about the heartbreak of miscarrying quadruplets.


Jorgie Porter of Hollyoaks opens up about miscarrying quadruplets.

Jorgie Porter, star of Hollyoaks, has spoken out for the first time about her and partner Ollie’s heartbreak after she miscarried quadruplets at 14 weeks.

Jorgie Porter has spoken out for the first time about her pregnancy with quadruplets and the tragic miscarriage she suffered at 14 weeks.

The Hollyoaks actress and her boyfriend, Ollie Piotrowski, found out they were expecting quadruplets earlier this year before losing them.

Jorgie opened up about her and her partner’s tragic loss to Fabulous Magazine this weekend.

Jorgie, who previously stated that she could never see herself as a mother, changed her mind after falling madly in love with boyfriend Ollie.

She was unsure about parenthood when they first met in October 2020, but seven months later, she was ready to stop using oral contraception because she knew she wanted Ollie to be the father of her children.

Jorgie took a pregnancy test a few weeks after stopping the pill, and it came back positive, leaving her and her boyfriend “knocked for six.”

Because her and Ollie’s family has a history of twins, the couple decided to get a scan to see if they were expecting more than one child.

When Jorgie saw three dots on the screen, she initially thought she was expecting triplets, but she scheduled a second scan at the Royal Bolton Hospital, where the couple learned they were expecting quadruplets.

Weekly scans to check on her quadruplets, who were “stressful,” were required of the soap star.

Because more than 60% of multiple babies born in one pregnancy are born before 37 weeks, she had regular scans.

“At every scan, we’d have the same worry – do they have heartbeats?” she explained to the publication.

The couple received some devastating news in August that completely changed their lives.

Jorgie and Ollie discovered she’d had a miscarriage at her 14-week scan.

She told the publication, “It didn’t make sense.”

She said she had no pain or bleeding but still “felt pregnant.”

Despite their tragic loss, the couple is now stronger than ever.

“If we can get through this, we can get through anything,” Jorgie said.

If you’ve been affected by this story, the Miscarriage Association can offer you advice and support.

You can contact them by phone at 01924 200799 or via email at [email protected]

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