John Daly supports Phil Mickelson’s complaints of the USGA by proposing a solution to the club length limit.


John Daly supports Phil Mickelson’s complaints of the USGA by proposing a solution to the club length limit.

John Daly backed up Phil Mickelson’s criticism of the USGA’s proposed club length limit by proposing a different solution.

Phil Mickelson recently slammed the United States Golf Association (USGA) after the governing body proposed a new driver length limit, and John Daly has backed him up.

While competing in last week’s FedEx Cup play-off tournament at the BMW Championship, Mickelson expressed his displeasure with the USGA on Friday, taking to social media to criticize the governing body’s new proposal.

“Word is USGA is soon bringing back driver length to 46inches,” he tweeted. This is a PATHETIC situation. First, it encourages a shorter, more violent swing (which is more likely to cause injury), does not allow for a long arc to generate speed, and during our first golf boom in 40 years, our amateur governing body keeps trying to make it less enjoyable.”

The 12-time Ryder Cup player’s current driver length is 47.5 inches, but if the new plan is implemented, it will have to be shortened to 46 inches, which he believes will result in more injury and “less pleasure.”

Following his post, Mickelson received support from a number of golfers, including fellow Tour pro and former Ryder Cup teammate Keegan Bradley, who responded to the PGA Championship champion by saying, “They [USGA] have no concept what they are doing.” It’s depressing to watch.”

Since then, the six-time major champion has gained even more support from his peers, with Daly being the most recent to express his support for Mickelson on social media.

The 1995 Open champion chimed in on the debate, blasting the plan to limit the size of drivers and proposing an alternative to the USGA’s efforts to keep up with equipment changes.

“I fully agree with you brother, but why don’t they just replace the cheapest thing created in golf……,” Daly tweeted in response to Mickelson’s original message.

NO COMMON SENSE!” says the #golfball #bringthegolfballback campaign.

As a result, although agreeing with the 45-time PGA Tour winner on the length limit, Daly proposed a different solution, claiming that the golf ball, rather than the club size, should be changed.

Many people were surprised by the two-time major winner’s choice, considering Daly was known for his long-distance tee shots throughout his career. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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