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John Cena hails Bray Wyatt and one other heel for carrying WWE through the no-fan era caused by coronavirus pandemic

JOHN CENA has singled out two superstars for helping carry WWE through the no-fan era of the coronavirus pandemic.

The outbreak of the deadly disease has seen all live touring axed with each episode of weekly shows Raw, SmackDown and NXT being filmed at the Performance Center.

It has been that case since March, with both revenues drastically hit combined with a drop in ratings.

And with no crowd to play off, there has arguably never been a harder time for in-ring talents to perform in WWE.

However, despite all of the above issues, the legendary 16-time world champion Cena has named the two stars he believes have shone the brightest during the trouble past few months.

Speaking to SI, the 43-year-old said: “Bray is obviously doing a great job and Seth Rollins has done an unbelievable job of adapting to a crowdless environment.

“The key is knowing your audience.

“I believe if the live audience is having a good time at a live event, then you as a viewer at home are having a good time.

“The biggest difficulty for me is not playing to the people in section 312. There are no people anymore.”

Cena added: “A lot of times when there’s an audience, you really can lean on your ability to produce action. You cannot do that now. 

“The viewer at home no longer gets caught up in the energy of the live crowd.

“It’s literally asking someone to unlearn what they’ve learned, and that’s a bold risk. And a lot of people are not comfortable taking those risks.”

Cena battled Wyatt in a Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania in April and ended up losing to The Fiend.

Wyatt is now preparing to battle Braun Strowman for the Universal Title at SummerSlam.

And Rollins will also be in action at the Biggest Party of the Summer when he faces Dominik Mysterio in a Street Fight.


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