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JOAN JORDAN MORENO: We will focus on ourselves when we face Manchester United

Anyone into football knows what this competition means for Sevilla, our history in it and the five wins, but there is no extra pressure.

We are ambitious and looking forward to the game.

We’ve had a good season so far putting all of our efforts into this competition and it’s going well. 

So Sunday is just one more step to the final. We don’t think about whether we’re favourites or not — it doesn’t mean much. Manchester United have their objectives but we are a club in incredible condition. I trust the team and our ability to go through.

This and the Wolves match are going to be different in terms of the level. United have players with different ways of performing. Paul Pogba is a great player, one of the most important in Europe.

But there are lots of big players in the Spanish league that meet that standard.

We don’t think about them. If we thought Pogba was going to be a problem, our priority has to be to focus on ourselves, individually as well as a collective, and compete to the maximum.

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