Jamie Carragher “didn’t give a f**k” about a “two-footed” child in Liverpool training.


Jamie Carragher “didn’t give a f**k” about a “two-footed” child in Liverpool training.

Jamie Carragher, an ex-Liverpool defender, has told how a cheeky remark from a younger player led to him “two-footing” the youngster during a heated training session.

Jamie Carragher, an ex-Liverpool defender, has revealed the story of one of his infamous meltdowns, in which he “two-footed” a younger player after he yelled at him during training.

Carragher spent his entire career at Liverpool, rising through the ranks from the youth ranks to make over 700 appearances for the Merseyside club before retiring in 2013.

On boxer Tony Bellew’s podcast, he reflected on his footballing career and his well-known strong temper, including an outburst directed at Kenny Dalglish.

Carra described another occasion in which a younger player, Nathan Eccleston, yelled at him during a training session.

“We were doing the boxes when someone was in the middle,” Carragher continued, “and when you’re one of the older guys, you’re telling a young lad to jump in if it’s between the two of you.”

“And he came back with a small pipe, and the lads all went ‘wheeyy’ and started laughing.”

“We were then going into an 11-v-11 game, and all I could think was, ‘he’s a centre-forward, and I’m a centre-back, please don’t be on my team,'” she said.

Jamie remembered that the bibs had been distributed, and his dream came true when he found himself lining up against the cocky younger forward, giving him the opportunity to exact retribution.

“I’ve thought, I don’t want to go looking for him; I’ve had to wait to make sure I get him,” he said, “because if I do something and don’t get him, I’ll look silly.”

“There was approximately ten minutes left in the game, and the ball was being passed down the line. Normally, I’d rush over and cover it, but I decided to let him go.

“So I’m behind him, and he’s sprinting for the corner flag, and I’ve just jumped two feet into his achilles tendon.”

“What the f*** is going on?” Torres exclaimed. He was acting irrationally, and the game abruptly came to a halt.” Despite the obvious irresponsibility of his challenge, Carra disclosed that he escaped penalty.

“I was at the point where no one could say much to me, even the manager, and I was like, ‘I don’t give a f***,'” he explained.

“He’s not going to say that again, is he?”

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