Jamie Carragher, a Liverpool legend, says manager Jurgen Klopp is “top of the list” for the job.


Jamie Carragher, a Liverpool legend, says manager Jurgen Klopp is “top of the list” for the job.

When Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool, Jamie Carragher believes there will be a standout manager to replace him.

Jamie Carragher, a Liverpool legend, believes Brendan Rodgers will return to the club after Jurgen Klopp’s brilliant tenure ends. Klopp took over from Rodgers in 2015, but after periods at Celtic and Leicester City, the Northern Irishman’s reputation has grown.

Rodgers came close to leading Liverpool to their first Premier League title since 1990, but Manchester City pipped them at the post in the 2013-14 season.

After a bad year after that season, he was sacked by Klopp in October 2015.

After three trophy-laden years at Celtic, the 48-year-old was named as Leicester manager in February 2019. With the Foxes, Rodgers won the FA Cup for the first time last season.

Carragher, a former Liverpool defender who spent a year under Rodgers at Anfield, believes the door could be open for a return when Klopp leaves.

In 2020, Klopp will bring an end to Liverpool’s long quest for a Premier League title, having led them to Champions League glory the year before.

“I’m a tremendous supporter of Brendan Rodgers and think he’s a brilliant manager, I truly do,” Carragher said of Rodgers, whose Leicester side has been struggling recently.

“I’ve known him for a year at Liverpool, and I believe this job came too soon for him.” Brendan Rodgers would be at the top of the list if Jurgen Klopp were to quit Liverpool tomorrow.

“That won’t happen because he’s already been here (Liverpool) and done a fantastic job at Leicester.

“It’s a stumbling block, and I almost feel bad for Leicester because they faded towards the end of the season, and it’s almost seen as a negative – ‘Oh the season they threw away the top four.’

“They’re a tremendously talented side, a terrific club in terms of how they recruit, but they’ve still been overachieving in the top four under Brendan Rodgers year after year.”

“He won’t panic; they’ll fight back, but I think it’ll be difficult for any club to get into the top four now, given the power of the top four clubs.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “It will be difficult, but they will prevail.”


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