James Arthur penned a song for a ‘future child,’ but his partner had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.


James Arthur penned a song for a ‘future child,’ but his partner had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.

Winner of the X-Factor After learning that his partner was pregnant despite the fact that she was in the early stages, James Arthur created the song “Emily.” Singer James Arthur has disclosed that his partner was expecting a child, but that the baby was sadly lost due to an ectopic pregnancy.

The former X-Factor champion revealed that his track Emily contained a hidden message for his then-future child in the lyrics.

“I’m going to ask your mum to marry me,” the 33-year-old sings, and “I feel a love that I just can’t believe – You’re everything.”

James said that his girlfriend was pregnant on Andy Jaye’s An Hour With podcast, and that the words of his song were designed to convey his unborn child that the singer had been “lived with an empty spirit” until she came along.

“I needed life, and life came, and gave me Emily,” James sings in the song. Because of you, Emily, I’m a greater man than I’ll ever be, ever be, ever be.” When Andy inquired if the song was about a future daughter, the star replied, “It’s about a future daughter.” “To be honest, I marketed it that way when it first came out, but I talked to my partner about it, and it seemed reasonable at the time. She was expecting a child.

“Unfortunately, that did not work out.

“It wasn’t a long trip; she’d been pregnant for a few months and had an ectopic pregnancy. So she had a miscarriage, and I didn’t want to talk about it.

“However, she did say, ‘I believe it’s incredibly crucial that you do,’ just because there’s so little knowledge, and I would repeat that.”

Despite the fact that his partner’s pregnancy was still early, James couldn’t believe he was going to be a father and began writing the song.

Normally, people wait until the baby has made it through the most difficult weeks before celebrating and informing others of the happy news.

James said, ” “So you have to wait 14 weeks, or whatever it is, before you can even enjoy this, I remember saying at the time, and I was writing the songs about it – I’m going to be a dad.

“I was thinking about the hopes and fears that anyone would have if they were expecting a child. Unfortunately, that did not work out.

“But the song was personal to us, and we thought it was one of the album’s best tunes.

“And then there’s the record label. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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