Jake Paul wonders why the octagon girl makes more money than the UFC combatants.


Jake Paul wonders why the octagon girl makes more money than the UFC combatants.

A prizefighter-turned-YouTuber criticizes the UFC over fighter pay.

Jake Paul has accused the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) of underpaying its athletes.

On his podcast with former UFC title contender and media personality Chael Sonnen, the YouTube star-turned-professional prizefighter discussed a variety of topics, including fighter salary and his recent fights with UFC champion Kamaru Usman and former two-weight champ Daniel Cormier.

Paul is 3-0 in professional boxing, although none of his victories have come against a true professional opponent.

That hasn’t stopped him from becoming a great earner as a pay-per-view prizefighter for Triller, an upstart social media-based corporation whose “Triller Fight Club” brand is seeking to upset the professional boxing promotion order.

Despite his tight relationship with Triller, Paul stated that he is willing to fight for anybody he wants and thinks fighting as a free agent should be the norm in combat sports rather than being bound by contracts.

Paul explained, “I’m a free agent.”

“Look, I believe that should be the case with all fighters.

“It just pisses me off to watch these young kids, these young boxers, these young UFC champions, be locked into these promoter-owned contracts.

“They’re Dana White’s property, and they’re not getting fair compensation or the fights they desire. It’s a major issue.”

Paul then used Arianny Celeste, who has turned her popularity as one of the UFC’s most recognizable octagon girls into a successful career as a model and TV personality, as an example of how he believes fighters are underpaid.

“How is Arianny Celeste – isn’t she a ring girl?” How is she making more money than some of the octagon competitors who are putting their lives on the line?’ He inquired.

“It doesn’t make sense to me, and it’s a major issue.”

“I’m attempting to change that by just assisting fighters in realizing they are the content. They are the ones who have a large following. They are the ones who make these pay-per-views possible.

“They are the ones who are putting their lives on the line, and they should be compensated for it.”

Paul has been eyeing matches with a number of well-known UFC fighters. However, he has chased boxing fights with Kamaru and others. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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