Jake Paul claims to have earned more than Tyson Fury, prompting John Fury to change the subject.


Jake Paul claims to have earned more than Tyson Fury, prompting John Fury to change the subject.

During the pre-fight press conference for his impending bout against Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy, Jake Paul said he’s made more money fighting this year than Tyson Fury had, before John Fury changed the subject.

Jake Paul has made the astounding claim that he has made more money from boxing than Tyson Fury this year.

The former YouTube sensation will fight Tyson’s brother Tommy in the ring next month, and the two have been feuding on social media since the bout was announced in October.

Both boxers had the opportunity to trade insults in person during their pre-fight press conference on Wednesday, albeit with Paul attending by video-link.

Tommy was joined by his father John and brother Tyson, and the three of them took turns ripping into Paul.

However, Paul stated at one time that he had earned more money in the previous year than heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, before John immediately changed the subject.

“He hasn’t really done anything,” Tyson replied when asked if he liked Paul’s ability to promote a fight.

Paul jumped up with an interjection: “So that’s something. I’ve made more money boxing this year than you have.

“You were just saying two months ago, ‘Oh Jake’s some fresh air, we love what he’s doing,’ so make a decision.”

Tyson responded, ” “That was two months ago, and I’m now certain you’re a jerk.

“However, because I’m a kinger, there’s nothing wrong with being a w*****.”

“I’ve made more money than you boxing this year, and you’re the world heavyweight champion,” Paul retorted.

“I seriously doubt that,” Fury responded.

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“Let’s go head to head, how much did you make from boxing this year?” Before John Fury intervened to continue the conversation, Paul responded.

Paul, 24, has already competed in two fights in 2021, earning an estimated £2 million in prize purses.

Fury is thought to have collected at least £22 million from his trilogy bout against Deontay Wilder in October, despite the fact that he’ll have certainly made a lot more through sponsorships.


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