Jake Paul calls Tyson Fury’s attack on Tommy Fury “embarrassing.”


Jake Paul calls Tyson Fury’s attack on Tommy Fury “embarrassing.”

Jake Paul has issued a challenge to Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury called for Jake Paul to fight his cousin Tommy Fury in an Instagram video, but the YouTuber responded by calling the Gypsy King “embarrassing.” WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury and his family are in Miami for a training camp.

Later this summer, he was expected to fight Anthony Joshua for the unified world title, but his intentions have been thwarted.

Following an arbitrator’s decision, Fury will fight Deontay Wilder for the third time.

Tommy Fury will return to the ring on June 5 on the undercard of Daniel Dubois vs. Bogdan Dinu.

Tyson wants his younger cousin to face Paul in a high-stakes match.

“It’s time for @Jakepaul to step up and face a REAL boxer, @tommyfury,” he captioned a video on Instagram in which his entire family chastised the Paul brothers.

“Let’s test if you’re the genuine article, mushy. #DontGetScaredNow.”

In a lengthy Instagram story post, Paul has responded to the Fury couple.

“I don’t know whether you guys just viewed that video, but the desperation that the Fury family is showing via their pours is rather embarrassing,” Paul remarked.

“The world heavyweight champion is pleading with me to fight his brother Jake Paul on Instagram.

“Listen, Tommy, concentrate on your fight in a few weeks that no one knows about. This video will serve as the most prominent advertisement for your entire f*****g conflict. Look for a challenger.

“You’re practically picking someone who hasn’t even trained to fight you in three weeks. You don’t even have an opponent who will go to a serious training camp.

“Fight someone real, do a genuine pay-per-view, and then we’ll talk.” Your most recent opponent was a 0-9 loser, and the folks you’ve faced in total have a combined record of 15 victories and 250 defeats.

“You come seeking for me in Miami, hoping to find me in a gym, but you know I’m not in Miami; I’m in Puerto Rico.

“If you come up here and pull up, I’ll gladly kick the f**k out of you.

“I’ve already knocked out an NBA player, so Shaq is off the table.” You’re in a desperate situation.

“Tommy, you’re fighting for $100,000, and you’ve got some rungs to climb.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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