‘It’s tennis; you have to adjust!’ Emma Radukanu withdraws row when Anna Keothavong wades into her.


‘It’s tennis; you have to adjust!’ Emma Radukanu withdraws row when Anna Keothavong wades into her.

TENNIS great Anne Keothavong delivered an open and honest evaluation of Emma Raducanu’s withdrawal from Wimbledon citing to lung problems, as she and BBC host Sue Barker investigated what may have prompted her departure.

Anne Keothavong was a panelist on BBC 2’s Wimbledon coverage, with Sue Barker and Tracey Austin, to discuss Emma Raducanu’s unexpected withdrawal from the event. Sue Barker stated that Emma Raducanu’s surroundings was different from what she had previously trained in, which may have contributed to her trouble breathing, however the panel is still uncertain of what prompted her departure. Ms Keothavong acknowledged that there were pressures on Emma Raducanu, but said that the young and rising star will have to learn to deal with them and “adjust” because tennis is a hard sport.

Ms Barker, speaking on BBC 2, wondered if the closed roof, larger audiences, and media attention on Ms Raducanu had an affect on her performance.

“Everything you stated there, it was a huge time, and she was aware of it,” Ms Keothavong responded.

“You know, she’s a clever girl, and she’s very confident, but you can’t help but overlook all of those characteristics.

“Yes, she had plenty of time to think about it, but I know she prepared for that match in the same manner she had for her prior ones.

“She deliberately practiced to avoid being surrounded by people in the mob on the major courts, and she remained to herself.

“It’s simply terrible the way things turned out the way they did.

“I don’t think anyone could have foreseen how long the previous match would last…

“But that’s tennis; you have to adapt, and she’ll find herself in similar situations again, stronger as a result.”

Emma Raducanu quit in the second set of her match against Ajla Tomljanovic because she was difficult to breathe.

She appeared to be hyperventilating after trailing in the second set and was given a medical timeout as medics checked on her.

The only Briton left in the tournament, the popular favorite was a fan favorite owing to her abilities and youthful age in the event.

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