It’s no surprise that Neymar feels pressured by Pele’s legacy, which is why he’s declared Qatar 2022 to be his final World Cup.


It’s no surprise that Neymar feels pressured by Pele’s legacy, which is why he’s declared Qatar 2022 to be his final World Cup.

NEYMAR has stated that Qatar 2022 will most likely be his final World Cup appearance.

He’ll be 34 in 2026, but the mental strain is becoming too much for him.

In all of this, there’s an unsettling echo of Pele. Pele was sure that he would not play in Mexico 70 after suffering an injury in the early stages of 1962 and getting kicked out of 1966.

Of course, he backed down and exited the world stage on a high note. At the time of the 1974 World Cup, he would have been around 34 years old. But no amount of musical pleadings or government ads could persuade him otherwise.

Pele is still Brazil’s all-time leading scorer, which is an incredible achievement. Since the current marathon World Cup qualification structure was implemented in 1996, South American teams have played a lot more games.

All of the highest scorers in South America, with the exception of Brazil, are active or recently retired players.

Pele, meanwhile, will very definitely be surpassed by Neymar, perhaps at the Qatar World Cup. To some, this will appear to be sacrilege.

But if Neymar can lead Brazil to their first World Cup victory in twenty years, it will be much simpler to take.

It’s hard to believe, but the Paris Saint-Germain star will be approaching 31 in Qatar 2022, almost exactly the same age as Pele was when he retired from international football after a pair of friendlies in 1971.

It’s an odd statistic that emphasizes the disparity between the two professions – and the challenges of trying to follow in Pele’s footsteps.

Pele, who was almost 31 years old at the time, had accomplished everything. Three times he had won the World Cup. In 1958, he was a smart adolescent, and in 1970, he was a mature genius.

True, he couldn’t perform much in 1962 due to injuries, which is a huge shame. He was at the height of his abilities at the time, as evidenced by his performance for Santos in the second leg of the Club World Cup at the end of the year.

Even though the tournament was still in its early stages, it was regarded very seriously.

Benfica of Portugal fancied themselves favorites in Lisbon after only losing 3-2 in Brazil.

Pele had a field day, scoring and assisting on the goals that put Santos up 5-0.

The World Cup, on the other hand, has been harsh to Neymar. He was just too young for 2010, was forced out of 2014 due to injury, and, antics aside, did about as well in 2018 as could be expected after a long layoff.

He was also injured for the 2019 Copa America, therefore he didn’t play in Brazil’s final… Brinkwire Brief News.


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