‘It’s Emily Atack or me,’ says Jack Grealish’s girlfriend.


‘It’s Emily Atack or me,’ says Jack Grealish’s girlfriend, who gives him an ultimatum.

Jack Grealish, who plays for England and Manchester City, has an on-again, off-again relationship with Sasha Attwood, despite reports that he has been dating Emily Atack from The Inbetweeners.

Sasha Attwood, Jack Grealish’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, is said to have given the England and Manchester City star an ‘ultimatum’ over his dates with Emily Atack.

Grealish is said to have met Inbetweeners star Atack recently, including in a Manchester hotel, according to reports.

Attwood has given Grealish an ultimatum over his friendship with Atack, according to The Sun.

During reports of Grealish meeting Atack, who played Charlotte ‘Big Jugs’ Hinchcliffe in The Inbetweeners, Attwood is said to have told him “it’s me or her.”

According to the Sun, Grealish has downplayed his friendship with Atack, telling girlfriend Attwood, “We’re just friends.”

Grealish had met Attwood at school in Solihull, and Attwood recently took to Instagram to wish Grealish a happy birthday.

Attwood was in the Wembley crowd in July when Grealish and the Three Lions faced Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Grealish was messaging Atack while on England duty, according to The Sun, after meeting with her at her home and a hotel.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Atack assumed Grealish was single after seeing him on celebrity dating app Raya.

“Jack is smitten with Emily… she really likes him too – otherwise, she wouldn’t have met up with him,” a source told the Mail.

“She also assumed he was single, which is to be expected when you see someone looking for a girlfriend on a dating site.”

Attwood, with whom Grealish is said to have communicated during his time with the Three Lions, was in the Wembley crowd when England defeated Albania on Friday night and posted two photos on social media on Tuesday.

Jack Grealish, Emily Atack, and Sasha Attwood’s representatives have been contacted by Brinkwire Sport.

“I am single,” Atack said recently, referring to her split from boyfriend Jude Taylor in August.

Being single isn’t always a positive experience, but I don’t believe it is always a bad one.

“And it’s not something to be ashamed of if you’re in your 30s and single.”

As I previously stated, being single isn’t always ideal, but it can also be extremely beneficial.

So, yeah, I’m all right.”


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