‘It’s difficult to watch!’ In the modern pentathlon, a German Olympic star is in tears when her horse panicked.


‘It’s difficult to watch!’ In the modern pentathlon, a German Olympic star is in tears when her horse panicked.

‘It’s exhausting to watch!’ When her horse frightened during the modern pentathlon, a German Olympic star was in tears.

Annika Schleu, a German Olympian, cried after her horse became too scared to finish the modern pentathlon’s jumping event.

Annika Schleu’s modern pentathlon equestrian event was cut short as her horse became scared upon entering the stadium. The German Olympic star had a commanding lead in the gold medal race going into the penultimate event.

She had the equivalent of a 24-second advantage after the fencing and swimming rounds.

However, disaster struck in the penultimate round of the modern pentathlon, and she went from first to last.

As the horse continued to jump around, as though scared by something, Schleu, who was riding Saint Boy for the equestrian event, was noticeably moved.

The horse refused to cooperate despite Schleu’s best efforts to calm him down.

Schleu eventually persuaded Saint Boy to move ahead, and it looked like she’d be able to finish the course with just a few jumps.

The horse bucked again after a few difficult clearances, and Schleu understood it wasn’t going to happen.

She ended up with 0 points before reluctantly calling her performance to a stop.

“This is difficult to see, difficult to commentate on,” BBC reporter Heather Fell said.

She continued by saying that the German was going through a “real-life horror.”

At the finish line, Schleu leaped off the horse and sank on the ground, where her teammates consoled her.

In the laser run, Schleu would be out of contention for a medal.

On the other side, Schleu’s tragic moment gave those chasing down the former leader a chance to win gold.

Kate French of the United Kingdom was in a strong position to strike, as she had previously demonstrated good speed.

She shot with steely nerves before surging past her competitors in the 800m to take the lead.

The French handily defeated Hungary’s Sarolta Kovacs to win gold after retaining their composure with a brilliant last shoot.

She said, “I have no idea what happened.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing right now.

“All I knew was that I needed to focus.” I knew I could do it if I just focused on my shooting and ran as quickly as I could.”

She continued, “The team is behind us, and I could hear them in the throng.”


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