‘It’s a supermarket deploy’: Tips and tactics for saving £1,500 a year on groceries.


‘It’s a supermarket deploy’: Tips and tactics for saving £1,500 a year on groceries.

SUPERMARKET SHOPPING CAN BE EXPENSIVE, especially when end-of-aisle offers catch you off guard. One expert has revealed the most effective techniques to save money on your weekly grocery shopping.

Supermarket shopping costs vary depending on which store clients visit, but food can be costly when feeding for a large family. With many people focusing on saving money in the recent year, one expert has given her top suggestions for saving money while shopping at the supermarket.

Fidelity Person Investing assistant director Emma-Lou Montgomery presented top recommendations on how customers can spend less and save more money.

“If you prefer supermarket own brands for food, drink, and other household products over more well-known names for your weekly buy, you might help decrease the cost of your shopping by as much as 30%,” she said.

“On a weekly shop of £100, it equates to a savings of almost £1,500 per year, a large sum that could be put to better use elsewhere.

“Even if you buy half of your groceries from the supermarket’s own brand, you’ll save £750. This is a substantial sum that might be utilized for a family vacation, a treat for the kids, or to supplement your savings and investments.”

The expert also advised buyers to avoid being taken off guard by “supermarket deploy” tactics used at checkouts.

“Just as you’ve done your shopping and are about to pay, you’ll often notice sweets and cheaper things placed near the till to entice you into a few last-minute purchases: this is a little-known trick supermarkets use on unknowing shoppers to maximize further sales,” she stated.

“There is a deliberate way in which the supermarket shelves are stacked to increase the possibilities of this happening…

Items that need to be sold are usually positioned in the consumers’ line of sight or within reach of the baskets.

“Next time, instead of reaching for the thing on the shelf directly in front of you, glance down at the row below; chances are you’ll find true discounts there and spend less money.”

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Supermarkets frequently provide customers with exceptional deals on products, such as. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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