It was difficult to describe racism to his twin sons, Junior Stanislas admits,


Following the Cherries’ 1-0 Sky Bet Championship victory at Stoke on Saturday, the Bournemouth midfielder was targeted, in which he scored a late winner, causing his club to condemn the attack.

Over the years, Stanislas acknowledges that he has become all too familiar with violence. He has two 9-year-old sons, Alex and Jacob, one of whom was a survivor as well. I had to wake up and explain to my nine-year-old twins what happened before they went to school. “Last week, Junior Stanislas spoke about the racist abuse he received. #afcb – AFC Bournemouth (@afcbournemouth) January 6, 2021He told Sky Sports News, “In the past month, both myself and one of my sons have been called racist names, so I had to wake up in the morning and explain to them what has happened to them. With dark hair and dark eyes, one has my skin color, and the other has white skin, blond hair and blue eyes,” he said. “The sad truth is that one of them has already experienced bigotry and will possibly see it throughout his life, and the other will never see or experience it, even though they are the exact same race. We stand strongly by Junior and will continue to work diligently to rid the game of all forms of prejudice. “#afcb AFC Bournemouth (@afcbournemouth) January 3, 2021Stanislas revealed that after sitting back and talking about it with his teammates, he only really considered the impact of the messages sent to him. He said, “It’s becoming a normal occurrence, even though it’s a regular thing. The incident comes at a time when footballers in soccer and society are taking to their knees to encourage anti-discrimination, and Stanislas is eager to understand the motivation of those responsible. He said: “The incident comes at a time when footballers are taking to their knees to support anti-discrimination in soccer and in society, and Stanislas is eager to understand the motivation of those responsible.He said: ” “Just because someone has a certain skin color, how can they have the right to say things about them, even if we are exactly the same, but just have a different skin color? It’s really crazy.”


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