‘It was a complete disaster!’ After the 4x100m relay failure, Carl Lewis lashes out at Team USA.


‘It was a complete disaster!’ After the 4x100m relay failure, Carl Lewis lashes out at Team USA.

After finishing sixth, Team USA’s 4x100m relay team failed to qualify for the final.

Carl Lewis, an Olympic legend, has slammed Team USA’s 4x100m relay for their dismal performance in the semi-finals on Thursday. Lewis is considered one of the best Olympians of all time, having won nine gold medals throughout the course of his career.

Two Olympic gold medals in the 4x100m relay were won in Los Angeles in 1984 and Barcelona in 1992.

The Americans haven’t won a medal in the men’s 4x100m relay since Shawn Crawford, Justin Gatlin, Coby Miller, and Maurice Greene took silver in Athens 2004.

They were disqualified in the final of the 2016 Rio Olympics for exchanging the baton outside of the designated zone during the first changeover.

Team USA, on the other hand, was supposed to have a different experience in Tokyo 2020, since they were one of the favorites to win a medal.

In qualifying, however, disaster struck when Ronnie Baker and Fred Kerley botched their baton change.

And Lewis wasn’t shy in his judgment of Team USA’s performance in the 4x100m relay.

Lewis wrote on Twitter, “It was a terrible humiliation!”

“It’s inexcusable that a USA squad looks worse than the AAU [Amateur Athletic Union] kids I saw.”

In an interview with USA Today, Lewis expanded on his initial reaction, calling the relay sprint squad a “clown show.”

“This was a football coach who took his team to the Super Bowl and then lost 99-0 because they were utterly unprepared,” Lewis explained.

“It’s inexcusable. It’s very depressing to witness this because it’s people’s lives on the line.

“We’re just tinkering with people’s lives.” That’s why I’m so irritated. It’s entirely preventable.

“And then they have this clown performance while America is pulling for the United States.

“I can’t stand it any longer.” It’s simply inexcusable. It is not difficult to complete the relay.”

Jamaica is a heavy favorite to win gold, having won their semi-final in the quickest time of 37.82 seconds.

However, after clocking 38.02 in the fifth-fastest time, Great Britain has a strong opportunity of winning a medal.


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