‘It does mean a lot,’ Lando Norris said in response to Lewis Hamilton’s comment at the Austrian Grand Prix.


‘It does mean a lot,’ Lando Norris said in response to Lewis Hamilton’s comment at the Austrian Grand Prix.

At the Austrian Grand Prix, Lando Norris reacted to Lewis Hamilton’s remark.

Lando Norris has responded to Lewis Hamilton’s praise on the radio after the seven-time world champion passed him during yesterday’s Austrian Grand Prix. While passing the young Briton, Hamilton exclaimed to his team, “Such a terrific driver, Lando.”

Norris, 21, finished third despite a five-second penalty for allegedly forcing Sergio Perez off the track at Turn 4.

When the McLaren driver was told of the penalty, he screamed down the radio, “For what?!

“Going around the outside is his risk. He’s aware that there’s gravel in the area.”

After the pit stop, he resumed behind Bottas and moved into third after Hamilton’s pace dropped due to car damage.

“Hamilton had a hiccup, but we had the pace to at least be ahead of Bottas in the second stint,” Norris continued. “Would have preferred to be second rather than third, since it would have solidified my position a little more, so I’m a little irritated about that.”

Hamilton lost “around six or seventh tenths” of a second due to his car damage, according to Mercedes.

He missed out on a critical podium result due to damage to his rear bodywork, which might hamper his chances of catching Red Bull’s Max Verstappen at the summit of the standings.

Despite his difficulties, Hamilton took time during the race to praise his younger compatriot.

“Love you Lewis,” Norris responded after hearing the gesture. It’s fine. It means a lot to have that type of respect, and for him to say that.

“I’m not sure he could say that because he said he wasn’t going to run with us because he had an issue or something.

“He might not have said that if we were racing fairly and squarely, but it’s kind words, so I appreciate them!”

Hamilton now trails Verstappen by 32 points, who claimed the lead following the Monaco Grand Prix.

Hamilton has been plagued by car problems recently, making this season his most difficult in a long time, and an eighth world title this year appears an improbable challenge to undertake at this point.

Next Sunday is Silverstone, and both Hamilton and Norris will be hoping to impress the home audience.

The two have a mutual respect for one another.

“Lando did a fantastic job,” Hamilton added.

“Would I have?” says the narrator of Brinkwire Summary News.


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