Inside the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour, there’s a secret Santa button that leads to a great tip for visitors.


Inside the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour, there’s a secret Santa button that leads to a great tip for visitors.

Andrea Watt has described what it’s like to work on Coca-Christmas Cola’s Truck Tour, which kicks out on Wednesday in Scotland.

The secrets that help make the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour so spectacular have been revealed by a Coca-Cola employee.

Andrea Watt, 49, has revealed what makes the attraction so “magical,” from the particular nickname given to the vehicle by the crew to the perfect time to come and a secret button in the truck.

Andrea’s mission was to look after the truck – or caravan, as insiders refer to it – as it spread seasonal cheer across Scotland and the north of England over two weeks of long “cold” days.

“This was a caravan tour,” she told the Brinkwire. “They called it a caravan because that’s the Coke term.”

“I’m getting shivers just thinking about it; it was a great time, and I still love the Coca-Cola truck and everything it represents; it was so magical.”

Andrea was charged with scheduling school choirs to perform the iconic ‘Holidays Are Coming’ jingle while working for a public relations firm, to add to the festive ambiance already created by Santa and his truckload of fizzy beverages.

Andrea’s brain has never stopped ringing after hearing the catchy music all day, every day for a couple of weeks.

Andrea from Inverbervie, Scotland, shared her thoughts: “We were supposed to look after the truck while it was on the road and recruit school choirs to sing the “Holidays Are Coming” jingle, as well as providing sheet music for the melody.

“I still sing it, and seeing the TV commercial brings me immense joy all these years after. It brings back memories of a happy moment in my life.” The truck was supported by the kids, so they weren’t the only ones who rang out the hit at each store stop.

Coca-driver, Cola’s and only him, had control over when the company’s Christmas jingle was played, thanks to a covert button only he could press that signaled Santa’s arrival.

Andrea, who is now a Stroke Association fundraiser, explained: “The truck actually played the song ‘holidays are on the way.’

“I recall the driver having a button, and when he pressed it, the melody that is still completely identifiable with every single Coca-Cola product today – particularly during the festive season – would play from somewhere on the truck.”

As if the cold weather wasn’t enough. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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